About Us

Before all, welcome to our pages!

My love to dogs is since 1976 year , my first dog was dobermann.He was our pet and guard-dog. Later we get dalmatian dog, pointer and vidras. Few years later 1984, I was interested in breed German shepherd. My first german shepherds. He lives 13 years. After Rok I get my second german shepherd, ENCO CRVENI MAYESTOSO, bought in kennel CRVENI MAYESTOSO, owner mr. Srecko Kukic. He came in our home 12.11.1999., only month and 30 day old. He was so little, cute and furry like a teddy bear.

Year 1995. I had a female dog - bandog - father: pit bull,from USA + mother: mastif, from Hungary. Two year later, I got my AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER, born 05.05.1997. in kennel Dull's Kennel Kim, line Bullyson. She was verry socialized and towardly. She was stolen from me 2005., when she had 8 years.

After she disappeared, I wanted to get a breed similar to her and I got it - AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER, line Mlader's, Sierra, from Serbia, born 05.05.2006. - my MOZZILA. I will try to introduce you to AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER, our plans and objectives of further work.


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